Big Data Solutions

We can integrate an end to end Bigdata solution that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data using professional platforms. combining cloud-native services with open source tools as needed.

Big Data Solutions

We help our customers not to get lost among multiple possible options: cloud-based or in-house solution, a required platform or framework able to solve the tasks (for instance, Hadoop or Spark). With years of experience in technologies such as mongoDBElasticSearch and Cassandra and by using the latest cloud services such as (AWS) EMR / Lambda / RDS or (GCP) BigQuery / ML / Dataproc, we can integrate an end to end Bigdata solution that lets you capture, process, store and analyze your data using professional platforms. Combining cloud-native services with open source tools as needed.

Big Data engineering has a huge impact on the success of any business solution. Bigdata engineering is a complex and constantly changing ecosystem, and choice of infrastructure impacts the business value derived from your data. Graphein Technologies understands that even Top Enterprises would find it challenging to identify the right combination of tools & technologies available in the Big Data ecosystem.


Work closely with business stakeholders and understand key business requirements. Devise a strategic road map, evaluate and recommend technology choices, after analyzing existing infrastructure and performing readiness assessment. Conceptualize the Big Data Solution through solution architecture augmented with technologies and infrastructure that aligns with the business strategy. letting you focus on finding insights rather than managing your infrastructure.

Develop the low-level design and database design, and then extend the pilot/prototype application developed by writing additional program as required. The existing systems would then be integrated and data would be migrated, before deployment and testing. We not only solve any technical issues, but also proactively support changing business requirements of our customers.

Sensors, wireless technologies and the internet of things allow monitoring a wide range of variables: from a continuous performance of every piece of equipment to every nuance of procurement, supply chain management and other processes. Big data analytics helps identify suspicious activities, as well as prevent potential fraud.